Anxiety Counseling and Therapy in Lincoln, NE

What anxiety can be…

Anxiety It is often helpful to talk about the differences between fear and anxiety. They are related and are very much the same, with this distinction: whereas fear knows it’s the object, anxiety does not.

So, for example, if I’m out walking in the tall grass of west Texas and hear the sound of rattles, I automatically feel fear, and with good reason especially if I chose to wear flip flops instead of high boots. On the other hand, if fear wells up within me and I have no idea why that should be so, I am experiencing anxiety. Anxiety seldom knows its’ object.

We say something like, “where in the world did that come from?” It is painful, and often debilitating. Symptoms can include feelings of impending doom, an overwhelming sense of dread, or extreme feelings of panic with a fear of death.

Along with these can come physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, perspiration, heart palpation’s or fluctuations in heart rate and rhythm, restlessness, shaking or tremors, and changes in blood pressure. Anxiety can be treated with psychotherapy or medication, or both. And for the vast majority of people, these anxiety treatments are very effective. Counseling available in Lincoln and Omaha.